Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to follow writingmatrix posts even more easily

We've mostly been using Bloglines now, right? We've subscribed to individual blogs of interest, explored various widgets, played around with templates and page elements, etc.
To pull all the writingmatrix posts together, we had a look at Technorati awhile ago (if we enter 'writingmatrix' in the search box, Technorati generates a page with a chronological list of blog posts tagged writingmatrix ).
Vance discovered it is also possible to subscribe to the RSS feed of this Technorati page. Following writingmatrix posts 'globally' is much simpler and more effective this way because everything tagged 'writingmatrix' is simply pooled to our Bloglines account and regularly updated.
How do we subscribe to the Technorati 'writingmatrix' page?
Go to Technorati homepage - enter 'writingmatrix' in the search box - click 'Search' - click 'View all' below the hit list - an orange RSS 'Subscribe' button should appear on top of the newly generated page - right-click the button - copy shortcut - and create a new Bloglines feed for the Technorati writingmatrix page.
I did it and now feel much more comfortable following what's going on in the writingmatrix world. Thank you Vance.
I decided to share the most recent writingmatrix posts from this feed in the side bar of our Roštilj. I did this in Blogger Dashboard - Manage Layout - Add a page element - Feed. I know many of you figured this out before I have - I'm catching up slowly and documenting my progress ;-).


Dušan said...

Hi Saša,
very usefull, every day we discovery somethig more, somethig new on the net.

Dubraska quintero said...

hi sasa thanks your comment, i,m from venezuela, maracaibo, i'm study low in urbe, love you blog is very nice and education.

Saša said...

Thanks, Dubraska, for dropping by. I love your tortilla recipe. :-)