Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another school year begins

Welcome new students! And hello again old ones, if you're still around! I wish you all a good start and good luck.

A little about this blog for those new to our English course - and a little about the writingmatrix project it's been part of from the start.

Our last year adult informatics group experimentally created this blog in April simply to reach out into the cyberworld beyond our classroom and meet new friends online. We soon learned about the writingmatrix project, where international students and teachers collaboratively explore tools such as blogs, RSS technology and social bookmarking sites, and we decided to join it. We started blogging, tagging and connecting and it's been fun! Check out the Technorati feed and our last year students' blogs - the links are on the right side of this blog.
I hope to see you join as well. It's very simple! Once you have your blog, label your post 'writingmatrix' and you are in. The more, the merrier. See you online.:-)