Wednesday, May 16, 2007

RSS in Plain English

I could not resist posting this video here - it talks about RSS readers and why we should use them - something we've been exploring recently...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tag Clouds

What do you think of these tag clouds? I find them cute. They visualize word frequency in chosen texts. You simply enter the text to be visualized and hit the 'visualize' button.
I read about these clouds in the blog of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers some time ago... One of the teachers commented that her students had a lot of fun analysing speeches by G.W. Bush. Here's visualization of my writingmatrix wiki page. Try it out yourselves - it's fun!

created at

Monday, May 7, 2007

Technorati puzzle

I was at Blostreams Salon at Tapped In yesterday. Blogstreams Salon is a monthly event where people meet to discuss and explore blogs. We talked a bit about Technorati and the writingmatrix project. The idea behind writingmatrix is to get in touch with people with similar interests across the world by tagging posts writingmatrix and then searching for blogs of interest using Technorati (you simply enter 'writingmatrix' in the search box, click on the arrow next to the text box and choose 'in tags' to find all blog posts with writingmatrix tags). Technorati generates a list from the most recent posts on. You'll find many students from Venezuela there.
When checking the list yesterday, we found out that it doesn't include some of the writingmatrix blogs despite tagging - we wondered whether the reason for this could be that the missing blogs aren't configured at sending pings (under settings/publishing). 5 Roštilj student blogs are on the Technorati writingmatrix (in tags) hit list (Suzana, Igor, Robert, Dušan, Aleš) and 4 of them are left out (Matej, Bogdan, Aleksander, Robert Č - Robert hasn't really posted anything yet, Matej misspelled the tag (his pin configuration is set at yes, has already corrected his tags but is not yet on the list), Aleksander and Bogdan tagged their posts correctly but are not included – I hope we'll soon understand why.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Funny turist on Malta...

Hi everyone!

I found this funny mp3 file... You should listen it.

It is on this link