Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Part-time informatics class 06/07

Our class: Matej aka 'Catman',

the lucky father of sweet Aša Aleš and our two Roberts,

Mavricij and Igor (the diver) in the front and Aleksander and Peter in the back row.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tomorrow's teaching is today

Tomorrow's teaching is today, originally uploaded by sasasirk.

I have been 'silent' for awhile because I was busy attending E-twinning conference for language teachers, which took place this weekend at our school(from Thursday to Saturday). There were about 65 participants from different European countries (UK, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Poland, France, ...). We enjoyed wonderful workshops and had a lot of FUN. Ewan Macintosh, a cool Scottish presenter, wrote some nice words about our school here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The world of bears

My last movie is two days old...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Too Busy to Stop and Hear the Music

Today I read about an interesting experiment which took place in January - a world-class violinist played for hours in a subway station and almost no one stopped to listen. I learned about the story in Seth's blog.
We are always short of time, always in a hurry... Had you been there, would you have done the same thing? I'm afraid I would.
Seth says most of us probably would and it bothers us. »If your worldview is that music in the subway isn't worth your time, you're not going to notice when the music is better than usual (or when a famous violinist is playing). It doesn't match the story you tell yourself, so you ignore it. We're so overwhelmed by the din of our lives that we've created a worldview that requires us to ignore the outside world, most of the time, even when we suffer because of it.«
Let's not forget to take a deep breath every now and then and simply enjoy the moment. Have a warm, sunny weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Anti-Phishing Working Group

The total number of unique phishing reports submitted to Anti-Phishing Working Group in January 2007 was 29,930 – the highest recorded number by the APWG. This is a count of unique phishing email reports received by the APWG from the public, its member organizations and its research partners.

More on this web site:

Where are we heading?

My husband asked me if I ever imagined when I was a student that 95% of my work would involve the use of computer. I didn't. Where are these fast technology developments taking us? Here's a video speculating about it. What are the most surprising facts for you? Or did you know? ;-) Thanks for the link, Jennifer.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Phishing Demo

We had converssation about phishing last monday. This is another example of phishing.

I'll be more careful

You all told me in class that a scam was done through the Mercur. Do you think the scam in the video is the way they got the customer's information? I don't think I have ever really noticed if an ATM looks different than I expect, I am afraid that I would be one of those customers who would get caught unaware. Now I will be more cautious.

Scamming the ATM machine

On Monday we talked about different crimes people commit using computers (phishing, spamming, creating viruses, etc.). Somebody mentioned ATM scamming and Kay came up with a nice video about it. THANK YOU, Kay. Check it out. Did you know your magnetic cards can be cloned so easily?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Last month my father was ordered on magazine IRT3000. It is a kind of magazine for informatics and mechatronics. Here are some very interesting articles.


Monday, April 2, 2007

SMT production line

Hello everyone!

I decided to present our SMT production line at Iskra Avtoelektrika. I work in Electronic BME department. We make DC and AC controllers for various types of forklifts, electrical vehicles, boats and other car industry. We also make electronics controllers for brushless motor. (SMT – surface mount technology)

Our production line is in EPA area. This is Electrostatic discharge Protected Area. In our production line we work with ESDS – ElectroStatic Discharge Sensitive elements (processor, chip, mos-fet and others). So we have specially prepared production area for work. We have also white overall frock with tiny conductor wire in it. When we work with small and very sensitive elements, we have also electrostatic discharge wrist strap which is conected into EBP – Earth Bonding Point.

At the entrance we have test instrument. It is wrist strap and footwear tester, which performs a quick test to assure whether wrist straps and footwear are conductive within acceptable limits.

Before this tester is “material preparing” department. Here we open all non electrostatic discharge packages and separate them. Material with ESDS packages we later import to EPA area where is placed automatic storage.

We work with SMD and discrete electronic components. SMD components we place on the circuits with automatic machines, but discrete components we place manually. I decided to present only automatic part of our production line.

Our production line start with material preparing and after that we have first machine which grease circuit surface with soldering paste. We have a template for each type of controller. Then we have two pick and place SMT machines.

We bought new machine last week which would be used for making VIMEC controllers. This is controller in electrical vehicle for invalids that they can go up stairs. Watch the video presentation of this P&P machine.

After this two pick and place (P&P) machines we have reflow oven. Here soldering paste melts and solder elements with pads on PCB board. After this we have optical control machine calls “AOI”. This machine visually controls whole board and checks if elements are in right position or orientation. It also checks value of elements. If everything is ok, here is another operation. Discrete elements. We put it on the PCB board manually. After this operation we have automatic soldering with wave.

This machine solder all discrete elements. After that operation, we have eye control of controllers. At this operation we soldering wires and other stuff.
Finally here is electrical control. We have simulators of forklifts and we control each controller. At the end we lacquering good controllers with another and the last one automatic machine.

After those operations we have also assembly line where we compose controllers. Finally we have 100% control place where we have forklift and we control if controller work properly. With AC controllers we make also burn test. We charge controllers with current of 300A and wait until controller has 80°C. We watch eventual changes and errors with thermal camera.

At the end we pack controllers into ESD package. That`s all folks!!!

Playing Computer Games

Whenever I ask my full-time students how they use their computers their No. 1 answer is to play computer games. And many of those whose English is very impressive say they owe this to playing online computer games where they interact with real players and learn English in real context.
Here's a short video of a really passionate young player – I'm not sure how real it is but looks funny. What do you think of it?

Our Blog

Dear students, this is our blog - a brand new empty cyber space calling for action. How shall we name it?