Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hi, I have made my first blog today. You can find it on this link:

PS. Saša, can you add me to students blogs list. Thanks.

Have a nice summer... Bye


Saša said...

Great Damijan! You've got a lovely wife and very handsome boys :-). Congrats and welcome to the blogosphere. You're already on the list.
I sent you a message earlier - your blog seems to have the commenting feature disabled, so I wasn't able to leave a comment. I'm about to leave on vacation now and where I'm going may not be bloggable so I'll most likely be silent for quite awhile. But I look forward to coming back and reading more ;-). I wish you all great summer - at home or on vacation, wherever you are. Keep in touch.

Saša said...

(blushing) I successfully posted my comment this time.

DamijanLikar said...

Thank you Saša. I wish you a sunny vacation and a lot of fun with your boys.

I am using GoogleReader RSS, and it is really useful.

Actually we are going to terme Banovci next week, so I will be silent too.