Thursday, April 5, 2007

Anti-Phishing Working Group

The total number of unique phishing reports submitted to Anti-Phishing Working Group in January 2007 was 29,930 – the highest recorded number by the APWG. This is a count of unique phishing email reports received by the APWG from the public, its member organizations and its research partners.

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Saša said...

Any idea why phishing has been on the rise? Maybe because online commerce has become routine... Go figure.

Dennis said...

Hi, Saša--and students.

What an interesting, impressive blog!

The information on the increase of phishing and pharming was distressing. I have no idea why these practices have been on the rise . . . other than the temptation to go after "easy money" with no regard for privacy and/or damage to others (a sad comment on human nature).

I'm sure the topics listed on this blog will generate a lot of discussion among students--and anyone who reads and contributes to this blog.

Very best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.--


DamijanLikar said...

Oh, I think it is just another way to take money from people...THEY will always find a new way to do it.

I'm a truck driver and I have to be very careful doing my work especially in Italy where stealing loaded trucks and take money, mobile phones and notebooks from drivers is happening every day.

I think that knowing how they do it and being careful is the best protection ve have.

So inform everyone and keep your eyes opend...