Thursday, December 23, 2010

Take the time

As the old year is slowly coming to an end, some of us find this a good time to stop for a moment and think a bit about our previous year's journey. Where it took us. What it gave to us. What it took away.
And then we tend to make wishes and resolutions for the coming year, focussing on things that really matter to us. Things we perhaps haven't dedicated as much time as we would have liked to. Things that make our lives beautiful and ours. Things that fulfill us.
Check out the selection of 12 student poster reminders of Things that really matter in life. 12 reminders for the 12 months of the coming new year. ;-)
The posters have been created by autumn 2010 VSS group within the Listen to the Walls Talking project.

I wish you lots of time for enjoying things that matter to YOU in this coming year. Have wonderful holidays and a happy new year!


Mary Di Mónaco said...

Timely guide for these days, when we usually reflect on what we have or haven't accomplished, and start making good propositions for the year to come.
Watching your presentation, I'd add: "Love and enjoy what you do because that'll make you happy and inspire others", which is exactly what your presentation shows and has made me feel.
Congratulations and many thanks for sharing!

Vida said...

Yes, the older we get the more we can agree with the students' selection of the things that matter. Happy 2011 to all of you!

Teresa Almeida d'Eça said...

Hi, everyone!
Great project! Congrats!! :-)
I couldn't agree more with your choice of "things that matter".
Keep up the good work!
Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
Teresa (your teacher's friend and colleague in Lisbon, Portugal)

Saša said...

Thank you for your warm comments and kind wishes, dear Mary, Vida and Tere. Couldn't agree more, Mary - loving what you do gives purpose to what you do. :-) Enjoy these festive days!

Chris 2 said...

These are really cleverly done and are meaningful to everyone.

Hala said...

Happy holidays!
Inspiring work, indeed!
Keep it up!
Hala Fawzi(your teacher's friend and colleague in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia)

Mercedes Viola said...

Congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing it!!!
All my best wishes from Uruguay, south America.

Saša said...

Thank you, dear Chris, Hala and Mercedes - happy you like our Walls Talking motivators. :-) It's interesting to compare the different feelings various images evoke in us. Wishing you all a wonderful wonderful new year!

RitaZ said...

My dear Sasha,

Inspiring, moving, creative..., an exemplary piece of art created by your students, which reflects the spirit of such teacher...

I hope ALL those involved in this project --and YOU, above all-- enjoy a plentyful 2011, loaded with frienship, prosperity and success.

Love from your friend in Rosario, to you and your "three" wonderful boys,


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