Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twinning reflections

What was designed as a short and simple 2 month project back in France turned out quite a challenge to carry out as planned. In October there were strikes all over France, soon after autumn vacations followed in Slovenia – it seemed that when we were at school the French partners weren't and the other way round. Then came the winter break in December and slightly before it our English class had ended. It turned out we really didn't have much time for playing.
Despite the hiccups our group mostly managed to realize the tasks set. These are some of our thoughts at the end:
It's good to connect with similarly aged students from a different country – it makes using English much more real. Students from our group generally liked the project idea, found it interesting and meaningful although not everybody managed to establish contact with a partner student.
It would have been nice, some said, if there had been more opportunities for interaction and more time devoted to a closer collaboration. Also - it would have been great if all Slovene and French students participated seriously and were quick in posting replies. eTwinning site could use some improving; simple little things like recognizing urls and hyperlinking them automatically would be nice.
As a teacher I think our participation in this project nicely showed in practice the importance of the impression you make online with your intro, creativity and responsiveness. Others judge you by what you show them. Being open, reliable and active can take you further - or at least shows a better picture ;-). Different people always view things differently – which good! We should be respectful of others and others of us.

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