Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The internet meme and trackback

Time for my homework as well - Doris passed the meme to me. :-)
When did I start using the Internet? I first learned about its existance in 1996. My husband, then a student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics in Ljubljana, took me to a computer room at the faculty and showed me what the Internet is. I still remember how fascinated I was seeing how easily you can find whatever you are looking for. Few people had access to it back then.
I began to use it a few years later when I got access to it from home. In 1998 I think. We had an extremely slow dial-up connection at first, then moved on to ISDN in 2000, ADSL a bit later, and now fiber optics. :-)
In the beginning I mostly used it to search for useful materials for my study and work, for email and IMing (MSN messenger). Then I got my job at our school 3 years ago so I had to learn how to put together online materials for my course. Surfing the web I stumbled upon Webheads in Action, a wonderful online community of practice bringing together educators from different parts of the world. There I met many inspiring teachers and from then on things have been developing with the speed of light for me. We experiment, fool around, and have F.U.N.. We share our experience and visit each other's classes. And we learn new things every day. :-)

What follows is my response to Nelba's invitation to test the trackback option in our meme posts. How do we do this?
Trackback is ability to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. I think it should work if we first turn on the backlinks setting, which can be found under the Settings Comments tab and then post a link in our post to Nelba's blog post at http://englishvirtualcommunity.blogspot.com/2007/10/my-first-meme.html .
Does it work? We'll see.
Matias and Vance tried this awhile ago and wrote about it here and here and Bili mentiones having problems with this here.


Saša said...

It works. :-) Nelba made a link to this post and I can see this in my blog, under the post.

bili said...

woohoo...it does work...nice! :)

Vance Stevens said...

Hi Saša - This test worked. Where you have said that Matias and I tried it "here" there is a link to my blog post, and at the bottom of that post there is a Blogger generated link back to here. So it appears to work. Great. ^V^