Saturday, October 13, 2007

Countryside Management group created blogs

Here we are :-).

Maja Š.:
David Č.:
Valter J. :
Nejc G. :
Matej V. :
Luka K. :
Martin C. :
Sabrina Ž.:
Rok L. :
Primož K.:
Simona Š.

Have fun!


Borut V. said...

Oh, Saša sorry for my late answer. The topic of my diploma is "Companies and their caterers". The name of the subject in which I'm writing my diploma is "Business comunication". Thank you for your good wishes.

Saša said...

Thanks. Sound interesting. The topic of my diploma work was Australian aboriginal literature.

pikec85 said...

It sounds good!
When I was in Australia this September Kris (who got married with my girlfriend's sister) took us to the National Park Kakadu and told us a little bit about the aboriginal culture, their stories and also something about their paintings. I'll put some of them on my blog.

Saša said...

Wonderful, thanks. I also hope to be able to explore those parts some day. I loved reading about the aboriginal myths and traditions. And I was shocked to learn about their history...

Dušan said...

Hi Saša!
The new school year is here. I hope that I will have time for blogging. As you know between work and school we have an enemy – time.
There are some very interesting blogs and some others very particulars, are those blogs from your new students. I hope that you enjoy teaching them.

Saša said...

Hi Dušan! What a lovely surprise! Thanks for your kind comment. It's so nice to hear from my old team again. Say hello to the rest of our guys for me. My new groups are wonderful again - I'm a lucky teacher. ;-))

pikec85 said...

I have a problem - why aren't the posts I make with the 'writingmatrix' label shown on our class' blog???

Saša said...

Do you mean why your posts are not shown in the sidebar under 'Recent Writinmatrix Posts'? Because your group yet has to claim blogs in Technorati. The other two groups (informatics and mechatronics) did this today and now they are in. We'll do this in class this Friday during our exercises. You basically need to sign in Technorati at and claim your blog (quick claim).