Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Another great video from Common Craft explaining 'in plain English'


Matute said...

Hi!! I'm here again!

It's a funny video, It's really good.

It shows the meaning of social bookmarking and in a cool way! ;)

Thanks for this post.

Dušan said...


Very funny and interesting mode of explanation how to use "Social Bookmarking".

By Dušan.

Saša said...

Hi Matias and Dušan and thanks for your sweet comments. Common Crafts rules! ;-)

Matute said...

Hi again "virtual friend" ;)

I'm here again 'cause your post are in some way related with my last post:

I want you to look the video, It's very interesting and I think you will enjoy with It.

Next, please let me some comments on It 'cause I want to start a little debate and I want to know what do you think about the topic.

Thanks from this side of the World, Argentina! ;)