Monday, July 30, 2007

A chat with students from Venezuela

Today I had a YM chat with Diego, David, and Irving - 3 writingmatrix students from Venezuela. We talked a bit about weather, travelling and what we do. It's hot here these days, isn't it? So is there - about 39 degrees C and up. They have 2 seasons there - a dry and a rainy one. Needless to say, both hot.


doris3m said...

Thanks Sasa for talking to my guys... they enjoyed chatting with you. Thanks again for helping us to connect...

A warm hug from venezuela with love.


Saša said...

Dear Doris, I loved it. Your guys are fun. And their English is very good. It's still fascinating to me how easy it is to connect to people from so far away. Countries I have never been to are no longer just places on the world map or a bunch of geographical facts but homes to friendly faces. Thanks for dropping by.:-)

Dušan said...

Hi Saša!

I liked their visit on my blog, but I couldn't visit their blog.
Maybe their blogs are limited for users!
By Dušan

Saša said...

Hi, Dušan!I think the problem is that they haven't posted anything yet so you can't comment anything. You can always send an e-mail thanking them for dropping a comment though. It's kind of nice to hear a thank you and see that your comment has been appreciated, isn't it? You can find the e-mail option somewhere in your visitor's profile I think. Good luck!