Monday, November 15, 2010

Looks matter

When checking out our French partner's avatars and descriptions on our shared Twinspace, these struck some of us as a bit intimidating – but then we had a look at ours (previous post) and saw we don't look much different either. :-)

So – what does this tell us? First impression counts. People who don't know you judge you by what you tell them. So - it's definitely worth thinking before posting our intros and photos online. Things we find funny may be misunderstood by somebody else.


We wrote to the French and shared a thing or two obout our neck of the woods on their walls; about our home town Nova Gorica and The Solkan bridge; about the majestic The Postojna Cave - and a popular party place called Ambasada Gavioli; about Pipistrel light aircrafts and Planica ski jump center - the Slovene cradle of ski-jumping and ski-flying.

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