Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Day in the Life at VSS

Finally posting our One Day in the Life contributions also in our base camp here. One Day is a really nice iEARN project documenting the lives of students from all over the globe. This year, 2 dates have been set in advance, on which students were asked to document glimpses from their daily lives. 10 November and 23 March. I gathered together our responses in this prezi. :-)


Carla Arena said...

Dear Sasa and students,

What a wonderful account of your day in Slovenia. I must say it is not much different from ours in Brazil, classes, fun, studying, gathering, computers. We are so unique, yet so alike! Thanks for sharing your day with the world.

As I write this comment, I´m watching Slovenia x USA on TV. Great to see you winning! Go Slovenia.

Cheers from a Brazilian fan,


Teresa said...

Dear Sasa and students,
What a great idea to try out Prezi! You came out with a great end product. Kudos!!! :-)
I have to agree with Carla: we are all unique, yet so alike.
Hugs, Teresa (in Lisbon, Portugal)

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Dear Sasa and students,
Thank you for sharing your day with us. You have done a very work @prezi. I will explore it assap.
I am thinking about asking my students to leave you comments to your post.

Warm regards from Argentina!

Saša said...

Ahoj, dear friends,
thank you for your kind comments :-).
The whole Slovenia watched that game, Carla, streets were deserted, everybody in front of TVs - at home, in bars... No victory this time but no loss either. We'll see what happens next...
Teresa, prezi is really fun. The part I appreciate a lot is that you can always edit it. :-) I guess at the moment this world cup is making the whole world very much alike. ;-)
Nelba dear, your students are most welcome to drop by. :-) Looking forward to hearing about your prezi experiments.
Hugs from Slo


Wow! That's a really lovely Prezi - enjoyed seeing your and your students' day - like this, a great collaborative project!


VERONICA said...

Dear Sasa and students,
What a wonderful project, congratulations! I'm sure my students will love leaving their comments in your blog!
Warm regards from Rosario, Argentina.

Mary Jane said...

This was wonderful! My college offers training on Prezi, but not many instructors take advantage of the offer. I'd like to share this so that others can see the great possibilities. Great work!
Thanks so much for sharing.
Mary Jane in Arizona, USA

Saša said...

Thank you Karenne, Veronica and Mary Jane for dropping by and these nice nice words :-).

Jael said...

Oh! I loved it. I think it's a really nice project. You made a great job with the photos and descriptions. Keep working :) My best wishes from Rosario, Argentina :D

Saša said...

Thanks, Jael. Nice to meet you here. :-) A new school year is starting for us this week. We'll see where it takes us.
Warm regards from Slovenia