Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angels, crisis and environmental responsibility

As the school year is slowly winding up our end, I'd like to reflect a bit about this year's Walls Talking journey .

Thanks to many wonderful students and kind Webhead, iEARN, SDUTSJ and I4E friends our Flicr group pool now contains almost 600 photos of all sorts of expressions from our walls.

They come from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Marocco, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela.

Here are the first 3 sets I've created - there are many more to come. Flickr tag option is a nice and simple way for organizing and displaying sets of photos in a Flickr group by any group user. IMPORTANT: watch the slideshows in 'full page' view and with the 'show info' option top right turned on.

The first set contains some angelic glimpses

The second set contains some grimmer and more down to earth, crisis and stress related stories

and set 3 reminds us of our responsibility for the environment

There's more to come - I love this flickr option for tagging and displaying tagged items. It seems any Flickr group member can freely tag any group pool items - even copyrighted ones.

Let me finish this post with a big THANK YOU ALL for making the Walls Talking idea alive and real. And if you are thinking of joining now or in the future - well, anyone wellcome anytime. :-)

We have a saying in Slovene: 'Zrno na zrno pogača, kamen na kamen palača' (grain by grain yields bread, stone by stone produces a palace). Sifting through these colorful grains and stones that have been trickling in our Flickr group since a little over a year ago, I see we've been building a very special palace here. A palace of life. Nice things and things not so nice. The world is what it is.

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