Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What makes Slovenia unique?

Inspired by Ronaldo's wonderful What makes Brazil a UNIQUE country my class travelled in our minds a bit to the sandy beaches of the sunny Brazil. When we returned home, we created two responses. One with the informatics group and one with the mechatronics group.

As set out by Ronaldo, my students came up with a word or phrase explaining what makes Slovenia unique and 2 or 3 cc licensed photos in Flickr supporting it - they posted their answers in this Google form.

Here's a video created with the help of the informatics group:

And here's a video created with the help of the mechatronics group:

Nice, aren't they? Here's a wiki, where such Multicultural Uniquenesses are brought together by Carla Arena, who is responsible for the spreading of this bug. ;-)


Valentina said...

Well done! It's a good promo video for Slovenia ;)

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Amazing, guys!

I had never thought about visiting Slovenia but you guys have made me move Slovenia up to the top of my "places to visit" list. The views are stunning, especially the natural landscapes, the color of the rivers are simply breathtaking!

In the second video, what are those traditional dishes that you show?

I'll have my students take a look next week (they're having tests this week) and leave some comments.

Keep up the great work!

Cheers from Brazil!

Sarolta said...

Wow! Well done! I enjoyed watching both videos. Keep up the good work!

Saša said...

hej ho, Valentina,
happy to see you here :-). I'm glad you like it.

Ronaldo dear,
I sincerely hope one day you land up here and have a taste of what life is like. I'll let the student who posted those photos answer your question :-). Next week we will be mostly afc - we'll enjoy autumn holidays. But no worries - we'll be back. ;-)

Ahoj Šarolta,
thanks for your kind comment. I just copied Ronaldo's recipe here. It was simple and fun. The thing that I'm not too happy with is just that I gave photocredits in the video description - but this is only shown if you go to Animoto site. So if I did this again, I'd make sure this information is more visible.

Guilherme Chacon said...

What amazing videos!

At first, I would like to introduce myself: I'm Ronaldo's student, from Brazil, and I love to know about other countries.

I've never seen such beatiful natural landscapes as those, I enjoyed the caves a lot. What about those mountains convered with snow? I really liked them!

I think that you guys should google some brazilians landscapes, they are as amazing as yours, but in different ways, mainly because the temperature.

Good Job!

Isabel Teixeira said...

Great work Sasa! The landscape is really amazing! It´s such a beautiful country!

Saša said...

Hi Guilherme,
Thanks a lot for your kind comment here. Before searching for photos of Slovenia, my class had a look at the video you guys made - it reminded us of the fact that the Amazon is in your country, that Brazil is really huge (it only takes us 3-4 hours to cross the widest part of Slovenia by car!)and its population very diverse. What my students also pointed out is the fact, that many cars in your country run on ethanol - something not to be found anywhere near us. Way to go!
Thanks for inspiring us.

Ahoj Isabel,
thanks for your kind words. I think it's so nice to share our views and discover the beauties of our world this way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sasha and Slovenian students: your videos are very good! I loved the photos and the music. The images you chose make the viewer want to visit your country and that's good.
We are nearly finishing classes in Argentina but I will see if my students can visit your blog and leave you comments.Warm regards, Nelba Quintana :-)

Biljana said...

Hi Sasa,
Very nice photos!
The students have done a great job!
Slovenia is a very nice country , I can say , as I have visited it some years ago.
I am going to visit Slovenia ,again , at the end of November, on a 5 day seminar in Celje.
Hope to see you , if there is a chance!
Greetings from Macedonia,

Mary Ziller said...

I enjoyed your videos. Firs class work. My first thought was that they turned out so beautifully and professionally that you might consider submitting them to your Office of Tourism or Chamber of Commerce.

Then I read Valentina`s comment and saw that she beat me to the punch lol.

Thanks to both talented groups for a worthwhile video!

Helen Davies said...

That was great - it really makes you want to visit such a lovely country !
Your project is very well-prepared and we shall try to send you a reply from France !
best to you all
Helen in France

Saša said...

Dear Nelba, Biljana, Mary and Helen - thank you very much for your warm comments.
Helen, I'm looking forward to the coming French version. :-)
Nelba, I envy you - our shcool year has only just begun well ;-).
Biljana - hope to see you really soon :-)

Nina Liakos said...

I enjoyed both videos immensely. The pictures were beautiful and the music works well. Great job, Sasa and students! :-)
Nina in maryland

Saša said...

Hi, Nina. Thanks. I enjoy seeing different classes around the globe working on sharing views this way. :-)

Babi said...

Hello guys!!
I am also a Ronaldo student and I want to tell you that your videos were amazing. The songs that were used and the pictures made me really want to visit Slovenia. Actually I didn't know too much about Slovenia and after seeing these videos I am just delighted with your country. The mountains covered with snow, the beautiful rivers and the castles. Although, what I most liked about Slovenia were the caves,because it remembers me adventure, which I really enjoy. I also found very interesting to know that you have a very good beer, because brazilians like this drink very much. Even beeing so far from each other, Slovenia and Brazil must have many other customs in common.

Babi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giovanna said...

the video is amazing. I'm from Brazil, and I'm Ronaldo's student, and I just loved to know more about your country. Slovenia seems like a really nice place, that is also very beautiful. In the video, one of the things that I found very interesting about Slovenia was the kind of parties you have there. They are so different! You guys must have a lot fun! I hope one day I can visit your country, and know more about it.

Joao Pedro Balbino said...

I enjoyed this video. I'm Ronaldos's student from Brazil, and I'm amazed. The landscapes you have there are very different from anything we have here, the rivers are unbelievable, and now visit Slovenia is something that I must do. I would love to learn more about your culture and the different kinds of food you guys have there.

Luciana Dantas said...

Hi there!

First of all I'd like to say that I really loved your videos. I'm a Ronaldo's student from Brazil and I've never known much about Slovenia. You guys have extremely beautiful country, I'm astonished!
The landscape is wonderful, you have a little of all, I mean, mountais covered with ice and at the same time beautiful rivers with very green vegetation around - that by the way reminded me a lot of the Amazon forest.
My favorite part was the castels, they are wonderful! I would really like to visit Slovenia some day. May be I'll even live there for a while, who knows?

Great work!

Rina H. said...

Hi. I'm Rina.
I'm Michael Stout's student.
I live in Chiba.
Thank you for sharing your videos.
I liked the beautiful buildings in Slovenia.

Shiho S. said...

Hi I'm Shiho.
I'm Michael stout's student.
Ilive in Chiba.
Thank you sharing your videos.
I liked Blue beautiful river.

Jun said...

Hi. I'm Jun.
I'm Michael Stout's student.
I live in Tokyo.
Thank you for sharing your videos.
I liked the lakes.

kyousuke said...

Hi I'm kyosuke
I'm michael stout's student
I live in chiba
Thank you for sharimg your videos.
I Liked the apple

Miho.T said...

Hi I'm Miho.
I'm Michael Stout's student.
I live in Tokyo.
Thank you for sharing your videos.
I liked the cliff. It was terrific.

Michael Stout said...

Great Videos!
The countryside looks abosolutely gorgeous. I hope I have a chance to visit youe beautiful country.
Cheers from Tokyo,

Saša said...

Hi everybody - Babi, Giovanna, Joao Pedro and Luciana from Brazil , and Rina, Shiho, Jun, Kyousuke, Miho and Michael from Tokyo – thank you very much for your kind comments – students and teachers in Slovenia enjoyed autumn holidays this past week - your nice words concerning our country and the two videos my classes had created are a really nice welcome back for us. We'll try to learn more about you by paying you a visit too. :-)
Luciana, you are so right - we here too like to describe our country just like you said – there's a little bit of everything. And everything is close at hand. Small is beautiful. ;-)
Warm regards from Slovenia

UROS said...

Reply to the second video of Slovenia (for Ronaldo Lima, Jr.)

traditional dishes that are in the video:

honey , polenta and potica
Honey because we have a bee that is from Slovenia the name is Kranska čebela or Apis mellifera carnica.

Polenta is grind corn coked on water for a few minutes. There are many different recipes for polenta but the basic is this one:
2l of water, 500g grind corn (polenta), 1 spoon of oil, 1-3 spoons of salt and cook for 5-15min.

Poticait is is a kind of cake that could be filled with different things like grind walnuts.........

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Uros!

Thanks for your reply. I'm shocked here because we too have Polenta in Brazil and guess what we call it here?


That's simply incredible! We're so many miles away but still have a similar dish with the same name...



Saša said...

LOL :-) Good to know we can order 'polenta' in Brazil too. I thought polenta was a nice Slovene word but when I looked it up I saw it's not - it's ITALIAN.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vida said...

What interesting and professionally make videos! Creators of promotional materials could learn from you guys. Congratulations!

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