Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new name

Needed to rename this place… I didn’t quite feel at home here. So goodbye EFL blog and hello Cybermill. Why Cybermill? Sounds like something practical, hands on... Also I kind of like to name my cyberspots so that they mean something to me. This is now this blog's 3rd name (never took the time to think properly of a name, which is a real shame). When I opened it I titled it Roštilj but later, when the 'Roštilj' student generation finished class, I renamed it to EFL Blog... never liked that name, sounded kind of empty… Cybermill at least makes it consistent with some of my cyber spots. Not sure this will encourage me to blog more regularly, but at least I will feel more at home when I do. So... Cybermill from now on - in case anyone is still around this place and wondering what's happened.

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