Sunday, November 25, 2007

Manipulating images

We had a look at this video last week in class.

It shows how a 3D model of a human face can be created on the basis of a 2D photograph and how this 3D model can then be further animated and manipulated… Fascinating but also kind of scary…
Here are two more amazing face morphs of famous women in film and in art. An interesting voyage through time.

Andrej also came up with an interesting site dealing with celebrities and face morphs - check it out, it's fun. :-)


bili said...

wow...that truly is amazing...what all can you do...;) I gotta try this out!!! and you right it is kinda scary...but on the other hand...that's the future... progress and all ;)

pikec85 said...

well - maybe the mashine from the movie (and also the book) timeline is not so far away. but maybe with this programmes, applications and modelling they would finally have the right view into the past, and how it had been.