Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tag Clouds

What do you think of these tag clouds? I find them cute. They visualize word frequency in chosen texts. You simply enter the text to be visualized and hit the 'visualize' button.
I read about these clouds in the blog of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers some time ago... One of the teachers commented that her students had a lot of fun analysing speeches by G.W. Bush. Here's visualization of my writingmatrix wiki page. Try it out yourselves - it's fun!

created at TagCrowd.com


Igor P said...

They are quite interesting to play with. Never used them but yes they are funny and interesting...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting thing. I agree with Igor. I never used them.

Matute said...

Hi IgorP !! Here I am from Argentina again!

I think this topic is very interesting 'cause "the clouds" are a relative new element to represent the key-words and the frecuency of them in a blog so people in one watch they can see the topics the blog talk about and their importance.

Good topic!